Shared senior flats for LGBTQI+ people in Vienna – Needs based analysis

Project Lead: Karin Schönpflug
Team: Viktoria Eberhardt (IFK)
Duration: October 2021 – January 2022
Funding: Fonds Soziales Wien
Cooperation: Institut für Konfliktforschung (IKF)

The present demand survey for LGBTQI+ shared senior flat is aimed specifically at those generations of the LGBTQI+ population in Vienna who have already reached retirement age at the time of the survey (2021). The priority is to examine whether LGBTQI+-friendly senior living communities meet with interest or demand among the target group. The study is therefore to be understood as a needs assessment for shared senior flats for LGBTQI+ people. Methodologically, expert interviews and surveys of those involved in the potential needs group were carried out. The study helps with creating services designed to meet needs of the target group.