Macroeconomic model development for the analysis of energy shortages and the energy transition

Project Lead: Christian Kimmich
Team: Martin Ertl, Sebastian Koch, Liliana Mateeva, Elisabeth Laa, Kerstin Plank, Michael Reiter, Daniel Schmidtner, Klaus Weyerstraß, Hannes Zenz
Duration: December 2022 – May 2024
Funding: Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Within the scope of the funding project, different energy and economic policy issues are analyzed. For this purpose, the DSGE model ATMOD of the IHS will be linked to the Energy Satellite Account (ESK) of the IHS. In addition, the model will be extended to consider issues regarding quantity rationing and technological progress. An ecological extension of the input-output structure to include greenhouse gas emissions of the different sectors is also planned. Based on the extended model, different scenarios will be simulated in the context of the energy transition and a possible shortage of gas supply.