Impact of energy prices on Austria´s export economy

Project Lead: Michael Reiter
Team: Martin Ertl, Christian Kimmich, Elisabeth Laa, Daniel Schmidtner, Klaus Weyerstraß, Hannes Zenz
Duration: September 2022 – September 2023
Funding: Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy

In this study, the effects of energy prices on Austria's export economy are investigated empirically and theoretically. The research design includes both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The first project phase focuses on a descriptive analysis of Austrian industry's competitors, relative energy consumption, nominal electricity and gas prices and energy price developments as well as a qualitative analysis of the steel producing and non-ferrous metal producing industries. In the second phase of the project, extended analyses are planned, including a world comparison, as well as model-based analyses to discuss the key findings across methods and formulate conclusions.