Project Lead: Robert Braun
Team: Matthias Allinger
Duration: 2022
Funding: CTS
Website: https://test.cts.wien/en/projects/godataspace/

Urban Data Space (UDS) is envisioned to serve as the technological basis for Smart City projects in managing Big Data. Our project aims to assess this emerging technology in an interdisciplinary manner and build the basis for future research projects and technology development in the field. Data Space is a technology that creates a seamless exchange, storage and utilization of data with the scale that enables the development of new products and services based on data in urban environments. The technology is currently at the level of laboratory prototype, before deployment. In order to assess UDS at an early development stage, questions of technology, social and governance confluence are highly relevant at present. In this project we will analyse UDS technology and its possible impacts in a participatory and interdisciplinary manner by bringing together different stakeholders in a workshop series. This will create a shared understanding of UDS and its associated challenges and opportunities.