Endogenous migration, welfare impacts and cross-country spillovers in the European Union

Project Lead: Thomas Davoine
Team: Susanne Forstner, Eva Garcia-Moran, Helmut Hofer, Michael Reiter
Duration: January 2020 – May 2023
Funding: Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) Anniversary Fund - Project Number 18301

The project aims to develop our understanding of the role and influences of migration in a European and economic context.

Over the short run, the project will provide a welfare analysis of migration which takes social security systems into account. In the long run, it will quantify cross-country redistribution generated by differences in population aging when both capital markets and labor markets are integrated.

In order to do so, a multi-country overlapping-generations model with endogenous migration, endogenous labor decisions and detailed modeling of social security systems will be developed and calibrated for a representative sample of European Union countries, including Austria.