Economic Factor Church – The Contributions of the Catholic Church for the Community in Austria and their Economic Effects

Project Lead: Alexander Schnabl
Team: Sarah Lappöhn, Alina Pohl, Bianca Brandl, Thomas Czypionka, Brigitte Ecker, Frank Kronemann, Gerald Röhrling
Duration: 2013–2014
Funding: Financial Chamber Directors of the Dioceses of the Roman Catholic Church in Austria, Superior Conference Austria

The contributions of religious communities in Austria, especially of the Roman Catholic Church, had been difficult to quantify and insufficiently underpinned with facts and figures so far. In cooperation with Joanneum Research GesmbH an objective analysis (comparison) of the Church’s services and the state subsidies as well as a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis had been carried out. Church services had been monetarily assessed according to recognized scientific methods and the Austrian church financing model analyzed and outlined. This approach should allow for more transparency as well as an objective view on church services and state funding. The study has been published in book form.