AI Social Design Thinking Lab

Project Lead: Elisabeth Frankus
Team: Alexander Lang, Julia Schmid, Shauna Stack
Duration: 2021–2022
Funding: ATCZ271, Interreg: V-A Austria – Czech republic

AI Social Design Thinking Lab (Interreg ATCZ 271) Promotional Video 1

AI Social Design Thinking Lab (Interreg ATCZ 271) Promotional Video 2

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in small and medium-sized enterprises and in public administration is the goal of European, national and regional digitalisation and innovation strategies. However, data show that in Southern Bohemia, Upper Austria and Vienna the potential of AI is used much less than in other European and non-European countries - mainly in the area of research and development and only rarely for processes in companies. The project partners addressed common barriers to the adoption of AI systems, which offer a range of new possibilities and opportunities. The aim of this project is to create a cross-border network to (1) jointly identify opportunities for the practical use of AI, (2) find an appropriate and effective application of this technology to optimise organisational processes, and (3) find ways to overcome existing barriers to putting AI into practice. The results of the project lead to a cross-border, strategic agenda with the aim of mutually supporting and accelerating the implementation of AI in business and institutional practice. Two physical AI Social Design Thinking Labs will be established in Austria and the Czech Republic to support the responsible implementation and use of AI. Furthermore, three AI training modules are being developed, which are aimed at different target groups.