Author Information IHS Working Paper Series

To publish a paper in the IHS Working Paper Series, please take note of the following steps:

  1. After coming up with the idea for a potential working paper, you need to contact one of the three responsible editors. Robert Kunst manages all papers in the area of Economics, Katrin Auel deals with all papers in Political Science and Beate Littig is responsible for all papers in the field of Sociology. 
  2. The editor then either accepts or rejects your proposal for publication and - if necessary - involves a referee who will also give his/her feedback on the paper.
  3. If you prefer to have your paper copy edited, contact the copy editor well ahead.
  4. Send the manuscript together with the filled out user agreement to the editor for a final check. For the avoidance of any copyright-infringements, make sure that you have the written permission from all the other contributors (especially the co-authors) to publish the paper open access under the CC-BY 4.0 license.
  5. If the editor gives the go-ahead, send the final manuscript to (for reasons of long-term archiving, the IHS Library prefers the original format, e.g. Word). On its first page the final manuscript must include the necessary metadata such as title, authors, affiliation, abstract and keywords, possibly also JEL code (example). From these metadata the repository IRIHS will automatically create a coversheet containing the IHS logo and a subsequent copyright page. If you need a template for the page containing the metadata, please contact
  6. You will be informed by the library or the fellowship coordinator, as soon as your paper has been published. It will be uploaded in the internal repository IRIHS and disseminated via email and via various scientific databases, such as EconStor, RePEc, SSOAR, BASE, OpenAire, etc.


Bild Robert Kunst

Robert Kunst

Senior Fellow
+43 1 59991 255
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Beate Littig

Senior Fellow
+43 1 59991 215