IHS - People

People at IHS in alphabetical order:

  • Born 1969 in Vienna, studied Sociology at the University of Vienna (1990-1994), doctoral studies in Sociology at the University of Vienna (1994-1996). Postgraduate course in Sociology at the IHS (1996-1998). Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science Data Analysis (University of Essex, UK, 2004), Master Studies at the University of Essex in Social Science Data Analysis (2004-2006) Since 1998 member of the academic staff at the IHS. Lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the University of Vienna.

    Main areas of research

    (Higher) education research with a focus on question about gender, evaluation of equal policy in science, education and labour market, qualitative and quantitative methods and their triangulation.

    Bildungs- und Hochschulforschung mit Fokus auf Gender-Fragestellungen, Evaluation von Gleichstellungspolitiken im Bereich Wissenschaft, Bildung und Arbeitsmarktpolitik. Quantitative und qualitative Methoden bzw. deren Triangulation.