Data Service Center

The Data Service Center (DSC) provides central services to all research units at IHS. Its main tasks are:                    

  • Preparation and documentation of data sets available at the institute (such as the anonymized / pseudonymized administrative data from labor market database AMDB of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs and of the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) as well as the micro-census of Statistik Austria)
  • Data editing (database queries, conjunction with data from project ordering party), mainly of AMDB, but also of other sources
  • Technical support with analysis
  • Online surveys, including barrier-free questionnaire
  • Development of databases from project-related data, automatized data exchange with project partners (interfaces)
  • Programming of special solutions (such as tailored automatization of recurring operations)
  • Support creating websites / web applications, both static and CMS based, or single purpose solutions programmed in PHP, Perl
  • Data visualization: automatized generating of diagrams and tables for different formats (such as web browsers or printable pdf)

Available datasets

IHS hosts a range of datasets for empirical social research. Link (in German)


(as per January 2018)

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