The MSc Economics Program -

a joint program of the IHS and the Vienna University of Technology

The MSc Economics Program has been discontinued. The last cohort MSc 2015-2017 started in September 2015. We are no longer accepting applications for admission.

The program requires the full-time commitment of students for the entire two years. Graduates are equipped to succeed in an ever more competitive academic environment. The curriculum emphasizes analytical competence, economic intuition and solid empirical work. Students are expected to perform on a level with their peers at top-ranked departments (e.g. Princeton, Stanford, LSE, and UPF).

These goals are achieved by attending a carefully designed sequence of courses and through an overall preparation in subject matter and techniques that goes beyond course work. Work in teams and the acquisition of advanced mathematical skills are the key to a successful completion of the program. Courses will be completed by the end of the second year, with the fourth semester mostly dedicated to independent research leading to the master’s thesis prepared under the direction of a faculty member.

The Institute has an outstanding record of success, with many of the graduates of the program in economics attaining professorships at leading universities throughout the world. Indeed, approximately 100 professors of economics have passed through the Institute's program since it was instituted. The program's challenging content is enhanced by the low ratio of students to in-house faculty, and is defined by its outstanding visiting faculty, who teach the entire set of elective courses.