IHS Funding

The total budget of the IHS in 2022 amounted to 11 million euros, with funding provided mainly by basic subsidy, framework agreements and project-based funding:

The basic subsidy is currently provided by Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), Austrian Central Bank (Oesterreichische Nationalbank, OeNB) the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) and the University of Vienna. Overall, it amounted to about 56 % of the 2022 total budget. Third-party funding, primarily project-related funding and research projects accounted for over 44 % of the total budget in 2022. This funding can be roughly divided into commissioned research and research grants. In addition, there have been framework agreements with various ministries and stakeholder organizations in recent years.

The overall funding structure of the IHS has been stable in recent years, and averaged between €10 million and €12 million per year between 2017–2022.