Committee on Issues concerning Ethics and Research Integrity

The committee is a central institution in the internal review of project applications and projects and established at IHS since 2019. The committee consists of IHS staff members who are assigned by the scientific director and contribute expertise from various perspective.

The Committee on Ethics and Scientific Integrity examines in particular (but not exclusively) ethical aspects of social science research and questionnaire studies with sensitive questions. It sees itself as a service facility for the scientists at the IHS.

The members decide in all matters discussed and negotiated exclusively according to their best conscience as scientists and ethically responsible persons. They shall put aside all personal interests and shall not represent any other parties, persons, groups, institutions or beliefs.

Contact: ethik(at)

Members 2019-2021

Bild Christina Felfe de Ormeño

Christina Felfe de Ormeño

Bild Angela Wroblewski

Angela Wroblewski