VERSCHOBEN Conference: Evidence-Based Policy Making

The event has been postponed to spring 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19-Pandemic has clearly shown that sound data and rigorous analyses are key for efficient and effective political decisions. The conference focuses on the use of data and statistics in evidence-based (public) policy making. It addresses current topics in data-driven, empirical research, with an emphasis on policy applications. National statistical systems are part of central governments, and the move to promote open statistical data is part of a broader development to make governments generally more transparent, efficient, and democratic. In a similar vein, open science pushes scientists to be more transparent in their approaches and to engage more with society. What does openness mean in this context? How can data providers support research in a way to fully seize the chances inherent in the data revolution ("big data")? Can we harness big data to improve policy-decisions? Are we experiencing a backlash in evidence-based policy making and a return to ideology? How can we combine exploratory approaches and causal inference methods in making policy decisions? How can we ensure that empirical results in academic publications are scalable to the national and supra-national levels? How can we create a knowledge-generation environment that is sensitive to data protection issues, while still being able to connect different data sources?

The conference is a “meet and greet” for researchers from IHS, WIFO and CEU, but it is also be open to the wider public to showcase the research of these institutions in the field of applied evidence-based policy making. Therefore, policy makers are also being addressed. The final agenda and a registration link will be available at a later date. Due to Covid-19 regulations, there will be limited capacity and participants who wish to attend in person will be asked to register for the conference once the program is determined.

Wir bitten Sie zu beachten, dass sich das IHS bei Präsenzveranstaltungen an ein rigoroses Sicherheitskonzept zur Eindämmung der COVID-19 Pandemie hält.