RiConfigure – Final Event: Session 2

Co-innovation with and for Society

Traditionally, the innovation process has been driven by the industry, the public sector and/or research. However, increasingly, it is acknowledged that actors from the sector of civil society may bring valuable knowledge to innovation and should be included in order to let innovative solutions flourish.

The RiConfigure final event is an open online event that serves a double purpose. On the one hand, it brings to the public the main results of the project in gaining a more realistic understanding of real-life Quadruple Helix Collaborations (the collaboration of four sectors: academia, business, policy and civil society). On the other hand, the final event aims to create a space to discuss the roles these collaborations may have in national and EU Research & Innovation landscapes and particularly for the Horizon Europe (HE) Programme. The final event takes place in three sessions on June 8th, 9th and 15th.

The RiConfigure project, a Horizon 2020 (H2020) Coordination and support action (CSA), has been dedicated to empirically investigate such actions and to make cross-sectoral collaborations thrive and overcome the challenges that the actors might face. The final event provides the framework to discuss the main results of the project and aims at gaining a more realistic understanding of real-life Quadruple Helix Collaborations (QHCs).


Session 2: Reconfiguring R&I Collaborations, What we still need to know

June 9th 2021 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (CEST)

The second session of the RiConfigure final event will focus on what we still don’t know about cross-sectoral collaborations through the dialogue with the participants. Open questions and blind spots of the project will be discussed in order to identify what is needed in research and policy to understand and support non-linear innovation.

Note: This virtual event is organized through the online platform Zoom. Participants may take part the whole itinerary of the three sessions, or join the discussion on a specific day only. The platform will be designed easy-accessible and no specific technical skills are needed to join the event. In the week after the final event (Thursday, June 17th) there will be also the possibility to participate in a half day innovation training program on QHCs developed and tested within the RiConfigure project.

About RiConfigure

The EU project RiConfigure implements a series of workshops and interventions in which actors explore different forms of Quadruple Helix collaborations, exchange experiences and help to identify good practices. Working together across different sectors – research, industry, the public sector, and civil society – has great promise for innovation projects that seek to provide public value. But new forms of collaboration also entail new challenges that we want to help innovation actors identify and overcome. We supplement this with extensive study of roughly 100 quadruple helix cases, cross-cutting analysis of collaboration practice & governance, as well as a series of high-level dialogue events in which innovation practitioners and policy-makers meet to discuss, learn, and influence. The outcomes of the project will be communicated in the form of original analyses, case stories, practical lessons, and recommendations for policy, and will inform our training program for actors involved in innovation.