ÖGPW Round Table Discussion: Democracy in Crisis

Roundtable Discussion: Democracy in Crisis - What Role for Political Science

Democracy in the 21st century faces several severe challenges. Autocrats and authoritarian populists receive broad public support in many countries. The rule of law is questioned by some governments. Socio-economic inequalities create democratically marginalized groups. Social media offers new channels for political communication, which may also be used to spread disinformation.

What is the role and the potential impact of political science in these times and under different conditions? If democracy is under threat, should scientists engage politically, or is it even more important to keep a professional distance to offer objective theoretical analyses and sound empirical facts? Is a combination of own engagement and professional distance possible?

The roundtable brings together political scientists with diverse personal and professional backgrounds in order to discuss differences and commonalities between countries and over time.


Anil Duman, Central European University
Anna Durnová, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, and Charles University, Prague
Reinhard Heinisch, University of Salzburg
Zoltan Miklosi, Central European University
Anton Pelinka, Central European University


Katrin Auel, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

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