IHS Seminar: Zuzana Molnárová

Industry-level DSGE model of Austria

We introduce an industry-level New Keynesian DSGE model of a small open economy, calibrated to Austrian data. The model features a relatively detailed representation of the government sector, allowing for a wide range of applications for policy analysis. A set of standard aggregate macroeconomic shocks as well as industry-specific shocks allow us to study the business cycle properties and the propagation of shocks between industries.

The development of the model is an ongoing project which contributes to the set of analytical tools at the IHS. In this seminar, we will briefly introduce the current state of the model, showcase some of the applications so far and discuss further development.

The IHS seminar will take place online as an MS-Teams event. Interested parties can register by mail to event(at)ihs.ac.at and will receive a link to participate.

Zuzana Molnárová is a researcher in the group Macroeconomics and Economic Cycle. Her work focuses on quantitative macroeconomic models, business cycles, and economic policies.