IHS Seminar: Katharina Zahradnik-Stanzel

The Modern Gender Gap in Electoral Behavior in European Democracies

Katharina C. Zahradnik-Stanzel

In some countries, left-wing parties are voted more by women than by men. This electoral pattern has acquired various labels during the past years, but in the literature on electoral behavior it is best known as the ‘modern gender gap’. In this talk, Katharina Zahradnik-Stanzel will present newest findings from an analysis of survey data from the European Social Survey (ESS) on the distribution of this pattern in contemporary European democracies. She will discuss the explanatory role of structural factors and policy preferences for the emergence of a modern gender gap. In her findings, Katharina proposes a new approach for the understanding of the modern gender gap that takes into account two factors that have so far been disregarded: a) the distribution of support for right-wing parties between the genders, and b) country-specific characteristics of party systems.

The IHS seminar will take place online as an MS-Teams event. Interested parties can register by mail to event(at)ihs.ac.at and will receive a link to participate.