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Project Reports

OEI Berlin
D 4.1-5 & 5.1 Electromobility scenarios and emission reduction potentials for Germany

IHS Vienna
D 1.1 Report on Improvements in the Hybrid General Equilibrium Core Model
D 3.2-3Report in Microeconometric Results/Elasticities for CGE Model (Austria)
D_6.1 & 6.2_Report on the Calibrated and Validated CGE Model & A Set of Simulation Results and Case Studies

DIW Berlin

D 2.2-7 Power System Impacts of Electric Vehicles in Germany

D 4.1-4.5 & 5.1 Emission reduction potential fpr GHG emissions and air pollutants in Austria up to 2030

TU Vienna
D_2.1-2.2 & 7.1-7.2_Simulation of the economic and technical impacts of different electric vehicle charging strategies on the power market and the power grid

CASE Warsaw
D_8.1: Report on determinants and barriers of purchase of low carbon vehicles, including WTP estimates for specific attributes of passenger vehicles in Poland
D_9.1 & 9.2_Report on External Costs of electricity generation and vehicle use. Soft link between environmental assessment and the hybrid general equilibrium model
D_10.1 & 10.2_SAM and data on the energy electricity sectors ready to impose in the general equilibrium model for the Poland-Scenario. Model development for Poland.

All partners
D 11.1:Conference Contributions

Synthesis Reports

English Synthesis Report

German Synthesis Report

Working Papers

IHS Vienna
The Economic Costs of Electric Vehicles

DIW Berlin
Power System Impacts of Electric Vehicles in Germany

DIW Berlin & IHS Vienna
The potential of electromobility in Austria

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