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Case Study Poland

Case Study Poland

The main beneficiary is CASE.
Example Application: Poland (WP10).
Applies both economic models, the hybrid general equilibrium model and the electricity market model to Poland as a case study.


  • Preparation of a social accounting Matrix for Poland

  • Preparation of data on the electricity and energy sectors of Poland necessary for scenario applications of the general equilibrium model (see  WP6/WP10)

  • The hybrid general equilibrium model developed in WP1 and WP6 and the detailed bottom-up electricity model developed in WP2 and WP7 are applied to Poland as a sample case


Task 10.1: Data provision for the hybrid general equilibrium model and electricity market model

Estimation outcomes of Task 8.1 will be prepared such that they can be implemented in the model developed in  WP1 and  WP6. IHS, DIW and CASE will implement Polish data in the models. Existing scenarios for Austria and Germany will be transformed into a "polish scenario".

Task 10.2: Hybrid model for Poland
Polish Data from WP8 will be implemented in the CGE-model, followed by a short recalibration procedure to the new dataset.

Task 10.3: Electricity model for Poland
DIW will taker data from Poland and feed it into their electricity market model. Before the recalibration process can be started, some data preperation has maybe to be carried out.

Task 10.4: Model applications and runs
In the final step the results from the scenario applications to Poland will be collected and prepared in a case study. A review of the successfulness of applying the models to a third country will also be carried out for both model types.

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