Technical Modelling Workshop - DEFINE

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Technical Modelling Workshop

Technical Modelling Workshop

Modelling techniques, exchange and acquisition of technical knowledge
November 21-23, 2012

IHS, Stumpergasse 65, 1060 Vienna

IHS: Tibor Hanappi, Julia Janke, Bernhard Mayr, Michael Miess, Stefan Schmelzer
DIW: Artem Korzhenevych, Andreas Schröder
TU Vienna: Rusbeh Rezania
CASE: Olga Kiuila
Special Guest: Christoph Böhringer, University of Oldenburg


  • Estimating and assessing the full economic costs associated with a higher share of electric mobility.

  • Showing different possibilities for the introduction of electric mobility, e.g. through policy interventions, and their economic outcomes.

Michael Miess and Stefen Schmelzer give the initial presentation:
Aim and Scope of DEFINE, Objectives for the Technical Modelling Workshop: here



The Electricity Sector in the CGE Model - Modelling Challenges and Connections to Mobility
Presentation by Michael Miess & Stefan Schmelzer

Modelling Mobility in the IHS Hybrid CGE Model
Presentation by Michael Miess & Stefan Schmelzer

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