MSc Alumni and PhD Placement

Our Institute actively and highly successfully assisted its graduates in finding suitable placements. Activities were coordinated by the Director of Graduate Studies but the entire faculty was actively involved by making good use of the extensive research network available.

Graduates of our program typically continued their graduate education at top PhD programs or took on jobs in important think tanks, policy making institutions, or the financial sector.

In the last years graduates had the option to continue their education at the following highly regarded PhD programs: Columbia, Cornell, Chicago, EUI Florence, LSE, Northwestern: Economics, Northwestern: MEDs, NYU, Princeton, Stockholm School of Economics, Tilburg, Tinbergen Institute, Toulouse, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University College, London, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, San Diego, University of Rochester, University of Zurich, Vienna Graduate School of Economics, Vienna Graduate School of Finance, and Yale University.

Students of the last couple of cohorts were placed at the following PhD programs:

StudentMSc ProgramUniversity
Albrecht, Dorisz2015 - 2017Princeton University
Girstmair, Stefan2015 - 2017GSEFM Frankfurt
Rácz, Zoltán2015 - 2017Stockholm School of Economics
Zuzek, Simon2015 - 2017University of Zurich
Akar, Gizem2014 - 2016WU Vienna
Grga, Nikola2014 - 2016Vienna Graduate School of Economics
Huber, Maximilian2014 - 2016New York University
Plavsic, Bozidar2014 - 2016U. Columbia
Possnig, Clemens2014 - 2016U. British Columbia
Reuter, Johanna2014 - 2016EUI, Florence
Pusztai, Peter2014 - 2016U. Minnesota
Rotarescu, Andreea2014 - 2016John Hopinks U.
Bardocy, Bence2013 - 2015Northwestern University
Ciuciu, Claudia2013 - 2015University Carlos III of Madrid
Greimel, Fabian2013 - 2015University of Mannheim
Horváth, Peter2013 - 2015Duke University
Kazempour, Amir2013 - 2015Rice University
Kozics, György2013 - 2015Central European University
Zessner-Spitzenberg, Leopold2013 - 2015Vienna Graduate School of Economics
Dubey, Ashim2012 - 2014Pennsylvania State University
Hergovich, Philipp2012 - 2014Vienna Graduate School of Economics
Lukmanova, Elizaveta2012 - 2014Vienna University of Economics and Business
Mayer, Fruzsina2012 - 2014University of Calgary
Mazur, Karol2012 - 2014European University Institute
Ortega, Josué2012 - 2014University of Glasgow
Ostrizek, Franz2012 - 2014Princeton University
Satdarov, Alexander2012 - 2014University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tétényi, László2012 - 2014New York University
Ziegler, Gabriel2012 - 2014Northwestern University
Goncharenko, Roman2011 - 2013Vienna Graduate School of Finance
Hubmer, Joachim2011 - 2013Yale University
Kasberger, Bernhard2011 - 2013Vienna Graduate School of Economics
Koll, David2011 - 2013European University Institute, Florence
Mayr, Lukas2011 - 2013European University Institute, Florence
Szöke, Balint2011 - 2013New York University
Foltyn, Richard2010 - 2012Stockholm University
Szabadi, Béla2010 - 2012Northwestern University
Uhrin, Gábor2010 - 2012Toulouse School of Economics
Widmann, Rainer2010 - 2012Kellogg School of Management
Gulyás, Andreas2009 - 2011UCLA
Jungbauer, Thomas2009 - 2011Northwestern University
Neumüller, Simon2009 - 2011Geneva Graduate Institute
Schneeberger, Stefan2009 - 2011Yale University
Windsteiger, Lisa2009 - 2011London School of Economics


Some of our graduates have also been hired as Economists by the Austrian Central Bank, ministries and several local universities. Some of our graduates have been or are now professors at Bogazici, Kellogg, Northwestern, LSE, Munich, Princeton, Yale, Zurich, or work in top positions at ECB, EU, IMF, OECD, OPEC, the World Bank, and central banks around the world. The current governor of the Austrian National Bank, Professor Ewald Nowotny, was one of the first students in our program from 1967 - 1969.


Alumni talking about their studies at IHS

Richard Foltyn, PhD Stockholm University, Alumnus MSc 2010 - 2012

After finishing his first year at Stockholm University, Richard Foltyn regards the IHS master program as a solid foundation for PhD studies. "Before I started at IHS, I was told that the curriculum was more formal than various PhD programs. Back then it was hard to believe, but it turns out that it's not only true, but also immensely helpful in surviving the first year as a PhD," he says.

Comparing with his current colleagues at Stockholm University, he thinks that the program at IHS can certainly compete with other master programs at European universities. "In particular when it comes to numerical solutions in macroeconomics
and numerical methods in general, the faculty at IHS did an outstanding job to teach methods that I was immediately able to use in my continuing studies," he adds.

Furthermore, he says that due to the very small cohort size at IHS it is easy to communicate with faculty members on a regular basis, something that cannot be taken for granted at large universities. "While the program certainly was exhausting at times, I continue to recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue a PhD program in economics," Richard concludes.

Stefan Schneeberger, PhD Yale University, Alumnus MSc 2009 - 2011

In June 2012 IHS alumni Stefan Schneeberger, who is currently pursuing his PhD in Economics at Yale University, came to visit and took the Elective Course “Topics in Econometrics” by Maximilian Kasy from Harvard University. We took the opportunity to talk to Stefan about his studies in Yale, a review of his studies at IHS and an outlook of his future career.

Stefan considers the IHS MSc program as the perfect preparation for PhD studies and as his gateway for his PhD program. Looking back one year after finishing the MSc he says that he really enjoyed studying at IHS, the faculty was easy to approach, but the biggest asset was the individual mentoring. Stefan would definitely apply again for the MSc of Economics Program at IHS. “Only when I started studying in the US, I began to appreciate the high work load at IHS” he says, smiling. “The demand and pressure in Yale is extremely high, but IHS prepared me well for that. I definitely had an advantage in comparison to students from other universities in terms of experience and knowledge.”

Stefan will stay in the US for the next couple of years, but when returning to Europe he would not decline an offer from IHS for an Economist position…

IHS Alumni Club

For decades now students have graduated from different IHS programs, our Alumni Club unites all of them, please find some more Information here.

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