The Competence Center deals with central challenges to Austria’s inner security. The foundation for inner security is economic and social stability; trust in public order and a subjective sense of security are connected to this. The evolving complexity of globalized economics and policy decisions lead to greater feelings of uneasiness and destabilization. Additionally threats from technological progress are anticipated, for example the digitalization of communication in a public, corporate and private context. The Competence Center’s main research focus is to analyze these uncertainty scenarios and develop sound countermeasures. This includes socio-economic contextual analysis as well as cost-benefit considerations. Longer time series of evaluations and regular monitoring are used to assess measures and to derive concrete actions. On the basis of scientific criteria social costs of insecurity potentials are determined and the effects of prevention and intervention are made assessable.

This research group was established at IHS until the end of December 2020 and subsequently integrated into other research groups.

Head of Competence Center