Research Platforms bring researchers from different groups and disciplinary backgrounds together to discuss one specific theme. The following platforms are currently established:

Gender and Diversity

The platform links researchers who, in the context of the research groups established at IHS, work on issues of gender and diversity, internally and beyond.

Science Goes Public

The idea of this platform is to bring together IHS employees from different research areas to pool knowledge on how to actively engage stakeholder groups and subsequently develop new tools and approaches. 

Social Sciences History

The platform establishes a regular meeting ground for researchers, bringing together historians of science as well as social scientists.

Transport and Mobility

This platform brings together scientific knowhow from several research groups at IHS.

Socio-Ecological Transformation

This platform elaborates on interaction processes of societies with nature, including material metabolism with nature - mediated through work - as well as the symbolic and cultural meaning making of nature. The manifold societal relationships with nature have become critical in the last decades and are described as socio-ecological crisis which needs to be encountered by a global sustainable development.