The research group analyses the conditions and outcomes of education and skill formation processes, using comparative methodology and considering the trends and pressures towards globalisation and the interplay of the global and the local. Individual life chances and employment opportunities are shaped by educational pathways and constrained by educational inequalities emerging from institutional arrangements and individual choices. A key topic is whether and how educational inequalities are related to social inequalities, taking into account system-structures and socio-economic background including economic, social and cultural resources, gender, age or ethnicity. To broaden the dominant economic-centred approach to efficiency and quality a comprehensive framework of wider social and cultural benefits of education and training is adopted.  The aim is to provide better conceptual understanding, empirical evidence and policy advice

  • on the  levels and structures of inequality in education and the wider globalising society
  • on causes and mitigation options of educational inequalities and
  • on how education might promote equity within a new concept of social progress beyond mere economic growth.

Head of Research Group

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Steiner Mario

Head of Research Group
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