Current Projects

Student Social Survey 2015: Additional reports

Project Information: Additional reports based on data from the Student Social Survey (all reports are available in German only)

Project Website:
Twitter: @sozialerhebung

best2: Studying with Impairments [in Germany]

Original Title: best2: beeinträchtigt studieren [in Deutschland]
Project Team: Sarah Zaussinger; Martin Unger; Julia Brenner
Project Duration: 2015-2018
Project in Cooperation with: DZHW, DSW
Project Information: best2 is the second survey on the situation of students with health-related impairments that impede their studies. The main focus lies on the difficulties and barrieres which students with impairments are confronted with.
Project Website: (in German)


Project Team: Angelika Grabher-Wusche, Martin Unger, Iris Schwarzenbacher, Daiga Kuzmane, Berta Terzieva, Andra Precup
Project Duration: 2016-2018
Project Funding: with the support of all participating countries, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU and six international partners
Project Information: The main aim of the project is to collate comparable data on the social dimension of European higher education. It focuses on the socio-economic background and on the living conditions of students. In the current round 28 countries are participating in the project. HER is responsible for the questionnaire, data quality and data presentation.
Project Website:


Recurring Projects


Project Team: Bianca Thaler, Martin Unger, Patrick Mathä
Project Duration: recurring
Project Commissioner: usually the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
Project Information: Evaluations on different topics in higher education, e.g: Evaluation of the Introductory and Orientation Period (STEOP), Evaluation of the  §14h Entrance Examinations at Universities, Evaluation of the Student Financial Aid, Evaluation of University Budgets.

Monitoring labour market success of tertiary graduates

Project Team: Bianca Thaler, Martin Unger, David Binder, Patrick Mathä
Project Duration: recurring
Project Commissioner: Various Higher Education Institutions
Project Information: Using data from the Labour Market Database (AMDB), changes in labour market status, income, top economic sectors over time will be analysed.