The research group Higher Education Research (HER) at the Institute for Advanced Studies mainly carries out research on students and graduates as well as on higher education funding. Aside from projects on national level, inter alia commissioned by Federal Ministries or Higher Education Institutions, HER engages in pan-European projects (EUROSTUDENT, EUROGRADUATE) and the Bologna process (e.g. PL4SD).

The group focuses on primary data collection, using online surveys (in-house developed software) as well as secondary mass data analysis (e.g. national databases on higher education or the labour market), and also conducts qualitative interviews. For large-scale projects such as the Austrian Student Social Survey, the group runs separate websites (e.g., and twitter accounts (@sozialerhebung).

The group consists of eight researchers and three student assistants, thus being the largest higher education research group in Austria.

Head of Research Group

Bild Martin Unger

Unger Martin

Head of Research Group
+43 1 59991 133