New Edition Out: Praxeological Political Analysis

edited by Michael Jonas and Beate Littig, Abingdon, New York: Routledge.

With the interest in practice theory and praxeology on the rise, praxeology can be considered an emerging new methodological as well as theoretical paradigm which successfully overcomes epistemological dichotomies of conventional approaches.
The articles in this volume serve as starting points for rendering contemporary practice theory approaches useful for the analysis of political events and processes, without reducing the political aspect a priori to the formal policy sphere. In this context, Praxeological Political Analysis demonstrates that practice theory based research is now increasingly addressing issues which are considered virulent in, for instance, the consumer, sustainability or political spheres. Following on from this key focus on political analysis, this title also seeks to expand the current status of primarily political science adaptions of practice theory approaches to the analysis of predominantly narrowly defined political practices.

“The book is an excellent introduction to the foundations of practice theory, to its differentiations and to recent debates.” (Ulrich Brand, University of Vienna)

“Explorations of international governance, environmental policy, the regulation of higher education and the diffusion of global activism will resonate widely.” (Richard Freeman, University of Edinburgh, UK)

“Read it and learn from it.” (Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, UK)

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