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  • Sophie Fößleitner, MSc BSc (WU)

    • Science, Technology and Social Transformation
    Staff Scientist
  • Health Care Research

    Health Policy

    Inequalities within Health Care Systems

    Social Determinants of Health

    Responsible Innovation in Health

  • Bild Sophie Foessleitner
  • Sophie Fößleitner is researcher and PhD candidate at the Health Economics and Health Policy research group at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). Her research focuses onto health care research, socioeconomic determinants of health, inequalities within health care systems, health policy issues and responsible research and innovation in health. She has been conducting quantitative and qualitative research for various stakeholders within the Austrian health care system, including the ministery of health, social insurance carriers and interest representatives. Most recently, she has also been involved in an international FWF-project focusing on the personalized treatment of cancer. Sophie obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) where she is currently also pursuing her PhD in Socioeconomics along with teaching economic policy and health economic research.

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