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  • Katharina Zahradnik-Stanzel

    • European Union Public Finance and Labor Market
    Junior Fellow
  • Political Participation and Inclusion, Social Inequalities, Diversity, Comparative Politics


  • Bild Katharina Zahradnik-Stanzel
  • Katharina C. Zahradnik-Stanzel is a Junior Fellow in the Research Group European Governance and Public Finance. She joined the Research Group in March 2019. During her current PhD studies (at the University of Vienna) she has been a visiting researcher at the Department of Government at the University of Essex (United Kingdom). Before, she studied Political Science at the University of Vienna and at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques Aix-en-Provence (France) and completed a three-year postgraduate program in European Integration at the Institute for Advanced Studies. She teaches regularly at the University of Vienna and she is a member of the executive council of the Austrian Political Science Association. Her research focuses on the effects of social inequalities on political behaviour and on the configuration of political institutions.

  • 2020. Das Geschlechterverhältnis im politischen System Österreichs. In: Reinhard Heinisch (Hg.), Kritisches Handbuch der österreichischen Politik. BürgerInnen, Verfassung, Institutionen, Verbände. Böhlau: Wien, S. 135-162.



     „The Modern Gender Gap in Electoral Behavior in European Democracies“, 09.11.2020, public IHS Seminar, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna.

    „Die Rolle der Parteien bei der Förderung von Frauen* in den Institutionen des politischen Systems“, 22.11.2019, Tagung „Warum (noch) Frauen* fördern? Reflexion des Status Quo und Visionen für neue erfolgreiche Strategien“, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna.

    Panel-Discussant beim Tschechisch-Österreichischen Dialogforum „Old divides – new trends?“, 20.11.2018, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Vienna.

    „A Favorite Voter? Congruence between Parties and different Voter Segments “, 09.06.2010, Seminarserie “Themes in Comparative European Politics”, Department of Government, University of Vienna.

    „Patterns of Congruence between Parties and their Constituencies”, International Interpretative Policy Analysis, 23.-25.06.2010, University of Grenoble, France.

    „Congruence between Representatives and Represented: A Suitable Indicator for Assessing the Quality of Democratic Representation?” im Rahmen der “5th ECPR General Conference”, 10.-12.09.2009, University of Potsdam, Germany.