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  • Julia Schmid, BA

    • Science, Technology and Social Transformation
    Student Assistant
    +43 1 59991 280

    Feminist Science and Technology Studies


    Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies


    Sociology of Work



  • Bild Julia Schmid

    Julia Schmid is a student assistant in the Science, Technology and Social Transformation group, where she has been working on topics of new technology, ethics and gender. Besides working at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) she is currently finishing her Masters' degree in Sociology at the University of Vienna. Throughout her studies in Vienna and Copenhagen Julia Schmid developed a special interest in the interlinkage of Gender, Work and Technology.



  • Gerhardus, A., & Schmid, J. (2021, June). Gendered assumptions in technology development: A reflexive approach to uncover gender in a Virtual Reality learning tool. Dis/Entangling Technoscience. Vulnerability, Responsibility and Justice. 8th STS Italia Conference. June 17–19, 2021.