Egbert Dierker

  • Macroeconomics and Business Cycles
Senior Fellow
+43 1 59991 0

General Equilibrium Theory, Oligopoly Theory, Welfare Economics

Bild Egbert Dierker
  • Before joining the IHS in 2003, Egbert Dierker has been Professor of Economics at the University of Vienna. He became Fellow of the Econometric Society in 1986. His research interests lie in microeconomic theory. In particular, he is working on General Equilibrium Theory, welfare economics, incomplete markets with production, and oligopoly theory.
  • Recent Publications:

    "A multiperiod Drèze rule", Economic Theory Bulletin 3 (2015), 129 – 151

    "Ownership structure and control in incomplete market economies with transferable utility", (with H. Dierker), Economic Theory 51 (2012), 713-728

    "Welfare and efficiency in incomplete market economies with a single firm", (with H. Dierker), Journal of Mathematical Economics 46 (2010), 652-665

    "Dreze equilibria and welfare maxima", (with H. Dierker), Economic Theory 45 (2010), 55-63