Administrative Units

The institute maintains three administrative units:

Head Office

Manuela Galanos

Sascha Harold
Public Relations Officer

Martin Kocher
Scientific Director

Thomas König
Head of Strategy and Services

Eva Liebmann-Pesendorfer
Secretary General

Kerstin Merkel
Publications Assistant

Marie Radakovits
Project Controller

Claudia Smalcl

Andrea Suda
Head of Accounting and Finance

Daniela Strasser
Human Resources Officer

Stefanie Weinzierl
Assistant Manager

Administrative Management

The Administrative Management provides vital administrative support for the research units at IHS. Each administrative manager is assigned to one or several research units; in addition, the managers also provide event management, support public relations and website appearance, and internal procedures.

Alexandra Geyer
Helga Hanl-Lohn
Elisabeth Potzmann
Claudia Royc
Sigrid Stemberger
Iris Troppert


(as per January 2018)

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