Submitting Ethics Application

Application Details

The applicant must outline the main ethical challenges of the project in the application and demonstrate that ethical criteria will be taken into account in the project or that ethical risks will be avoided as far as possible.

In addition to the ethics checklist, the following information must be submitted:

  1. project title
  2. project funding
  3. start and end date
  4. brief summary of the project
  5. name, role/position and contact (e-mail, telephone number) of the applicant

Download Ethics Checklist

Before Submitting Your Application

Please familiarize yourself with the ethical principles IHS applies in evaluating applications. It is the project leader’s responsibility to submit the ethics application form and to ensure that projects adhere to the ethics guidelines.

The Ethics Committee recommends reflecting on ethical challenges in the project. Based on the ethical criteria the following questions may be relevant:

  • Are vulnerable groups affected or involved?
  • Might negative feelings be evoked in certain individuals in the course of the project?
  • Are participants exposed to any potential risks?

After this reflection phase, a so-called "Risk Mitigation Plan" can be developed, which contains strategies to address the ethical challenges of the project.

Decision: The Ethics Committee will review the project and respond to your application within two to four weeks. Follow-up questions from the Ethics Committee may serve to clarify certain issues in the project and to coordinate with the applicant/proposer.