Josefstädter Straße 39, 1080 Vienna, Austria

How to get to the IHS

The IHS is situated in the eighth district of Vienna, also called Josefstadt, which is near the center of Vienna. The IHS is within 10-minute walking distance to the underground lines U6 ('Josefstädter Straße' station) and U2 (Rathaus station) and 1 minute away from tram line 2 ('Lederergasse/Josefstädter Straße' station).

Vienna International Airport (VIE) (approximately 50 minutes)

Airport to IHS

To get to the airport train, follow the sign 'S-Bahn' in the airport arrival hall. Take line S7 (travel time: around 25 minutes). At stop 'Wien Mitte/Landstraße' change to underground U3, direction 'Ottakring'. At stop 'Volkstheater' take the tramway 2, direction 'Dornbach'. Get off at stop 'Lederergasse'.

You can buy the ticket at the ticket machine in the train station. Price: from € 3.90 (to/from Vienna, including travel on entire Vienna public transport network).

IHS to airport

Take the tramway 2 in front of the IHS, direction 'Friedrich-Engels-Platz'. At stop 'Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring' change to underground U3, direction 'Simmering'. Get off at 'Wien-Mitte/Landstraße'. Take the S7 from 'Wien-Mitte/Landstraße' to Vienna International Airport ('Flughafen Wien'). The S7 trains bounding for the airport display 'Flughafen Wien' or 'Wolfsthal'.

Arriving by train

Westbahnhof to IHS (approximately 15 minutes)

Take underground U3, direction 'Simmering'. At stop 'Volkstheater' change to underground U2, direction 'Seestadt'. Get off at stop 'Rathaus'. Take the exit 'Josefstädter Straße' and at the top of the stairs take the tramway 2, direction 'Dornbach'. Get off at stop 'Lederergasse'.

Wien Hauptbahnhof to IHS (approximately 30 minutes)

Take underground U1, direction 'Leopoldau'. At stop 'Karlsplatz' change to underground U2, direction 'Seestadt'. Get off at stop 'Rathaus'. Take the exit 'Josefstädter Straße', at the top of the stairs take the tramway 2, direction 'Dornbach'. Get off at stop 'Lederergasse'.

Public Transport within Vienna

The Vienna public transport authority is called 'Wiener Linien' and encompasses underground trains ('U-Bahn'), overground rail ('S-Bahn'), trams ('Straßenbahn') and buses ('Bus') within the limits of the city of Vienna.

You can buy tickets either at ticket machines (available at every underground/S-Bahn station; multiple language options; cash or card payments accepted) or prior to your visit online. For general information on public transport and the different kinds of tickets please see Wiener Linien http://www.wienerlinien.at/ (button for English language is in the upper right corner).

You need to carry a valid ticket with you at all times when using public transport. You generally validate your ticket by sticking it into the blue or orange boxes at the platform entrances or in buses or trams.

There are no ticket machines at tram or bus stops. If for any reason you need to take a tram or bus and do not have a ticket, you will need to buy it directly on the tram (at coin-operated machines) or the bus (from the driver). Tickets bought in such situations will only be valid for single journeys and will cost more.

Mapping out your journey

You can map out your journey using the journey planner offered by Wiener Linien.

You can find various maps of the public transport system on the website of Wiener Linien.

There is an official app for Vienna’s public transport system that’s available for both iPhone and iPad and Android devices. You can also use the mobile web version or the unofficial Windows Phone app.


If you need to take a taxi from the airport please notice that it will be more convenient and cheaper to order it in advance via online booking (airport – city center: approx. 35 – 40 €). Here is a list of options: http://www.viennaairport.com/passagiere/anreise__parken/taxis__limousinen


If you have special accessibility requirements, please let us know and we will aim to meet them.

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