IHS Seminar: Martin Unger

Nov 05, 2018, 04:00 pm - 05:30 pm, IHS, Josefstädter Straße 39, 1080 Vienna

Progression, Dropout, and Graduation from Austrian Higher Education

The presentation shows some peculiarities of the Austrian higher education system and above all some effects of the largely open access policy at the universities. There are big differences in the dropout and success rates between universities and FHs, but even within the respective systems, there are big differences according to gender, age and previous education. However, the biggest differences are evident between the fields of study. Although often used, international comparisons in this field are very difficult for methodological reasons. Nevertheless, it turns out that the dropout rates at Austrian universities are higher, but much more that the study duration is far above average.

In the presentation we use official (micro) data from the university statistics of the BMBWF, which were presented for the first time as part of an additional project on the Student Social Survey (Studierenden-Sozialerhebung). Since it is not possible to combine this data with our extensive survey data, no model can be calculated for the success of the studies including data on the behaviour of students. On the other hand, in a cross-sectional survey, there are no suitable indicators for the success of studies, and study progress is also difficult to measure. Survey data, however, strongly suggest that it is the gainful employment of students in particular that jeopardizes or delays the success of their studies.

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