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The project XENO will increase public involvement in debates on ethical aspects of xenotransplantation of organs (XTP). It has the following goals: to introduce and evaluate in three EU countries an instrument of public debate (i.e. Neo Socratic Dialogue, NSD) to reflect the ethical basis and consequences of XTP. XENO shall: raise the awareness and sensitivity of stakeholders and the concerned public for ethical problems of XTP; reflect the ethical basis and consequences of XTP; clarify responsibilities of stakeholders; provide information for decision makers; improve communicative patterns and capabilities of key actors to cope with ethical questions. Moreover, XENO will analyse similarities and differences between the NSD in the three countries and clarify to which extent NSD is an appropriate instrument to raise public awareness for ethical problems of modern science and technology.
XENO lasts 24 months and involves 4 partners from Austria, Germany and Spain. The Members of the XENO consortium come from wide range of disciplines: biology, technical biology, biomedicine, chemistry, chemical engineering, pedagogy, theology, philosophy and sociology.

The project consists of three elements:

• The Neo Socratic Dialogue (NSD);
• The evaluation of the NSD and the monitoring of international XTP development;
• Dissemination of the results of the NSD and of project results.