NewHoRRIzon-Mobalance Gemeinsame Veranstaltung

Am 19. November organisierte die IHS Forschungsgruppe für Technik, Wissenschaft und Gesellschaftliche Transformation einen gemeinsamen Workshop mit dem Austrian Institute for Technology (AIT).

As part of the EU funded NewHoRRIzon project Social Lab on mainstreaming Responsible Research and Innovation in EU research funding policy in Transportation project partners experimented with the one day consensus conference methodology developed by TSST. The workshop methodology aims at involving and engaging stakeholders in the early phases of research by offering input and then engaging stakeholders in a participatory decision making process on potential research avenues to pursue. The project at hand was AIT Mobalance, an FFG/BMVIT funded project on developing a sustainable mobility-budget concept on three levels (individual, municipal and national). The event was designed and moderated by Elisabeth Frankus and Robert Braun.