New: Wiley (2018-2020)

Beginning 1 January 2018, IHS authors may publish primary research and review articles open access in any of Wiley's hybrid, OnlineOpen journals at no charge to the author. To publish without having to pay additional article publication charges, the article's corresponding author must be from IHS and the article must have been accepted on or after 1 January 2018.

More detailed information you may find on Wiley's website.

Springer Compact (2016-2018)

Members of the Austrian Academic Library Consortium (including IHS) and the Austrian Science Fund established an agreement with Springer which includes access to more than 2,000 of Springer’s subscription journals as well as allowing authors to publish open access in subscription journals.

The Open Access agreement covers the open access charge for affiliated corresponding authors in those subscription-based journals that are offering the hybrid open access option Open Choice.

Springer Compact website (English)

FAQs (English)

FAQs (German)

Taylor & Francis (2017-2019)

The Austrian Academic Library Consortium and the publisher Taylor & Francis established a three-year agreement allowing corresponding authors of IHS to publish open access in Taylor & Francis journals without paying an article processing charge. You will be informed about this option by the publisher in the course of the publication process.

SAGE (2016-2018)

Due to a subscription agreement, members of IHS who would like to publish open access in a SAGE journal are entitled to a highly discounted Article Processing Charge of £200 (instead of the standard APC of £1.600), to the following conditions:

This offer only applies to the titles that are in the SAGE Choice hybrid scheme AND are in the SAGE 2016 Premier package, see Only a few titles of this list are not part of the agreement (see bottom of this webpage).

Main or corresponding authors must enter a code in the “University/institution Account Code” field. Please contact the library for the code. Authors should then return the SAGE Choice Invoice Template to the relevant email address at SAGE Publications as instructed on the form. An invoice for the discounted rate of £200 only will then be raised.