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  • Tamara Brandstaetter, MA, BA

    • Techno-Science and Societal Transformation
  • Sociology of labour

    Science Communication

    Science Participation

    Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

  • Bild Tamara Brandstaetter
  • Tamara Brandstätter, MA is working as a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS Wien), where she is a member of the research group "Techno-Science & Societal Transformation" with the focus on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) with a main focus on science communication and partizipation as well as technological transformation and its meaning for the labour market, employment as well as social policies. She is also a member of the Institutskonferenz (IK) of the IHS.

    She did her master study of Sociology with the emphasis – labour, organization and science communication. In her masterthesis she analysed the meaning of work for unemployed young adults (18-35) in Vienna. She got expertise in labour and organization theories,  organizational and project management as well as methodological knowledge in science communication.

    From 2016-2017 she had been a research assistant of the department of economic sociology at the University of Vienna. She worked for the european funded project - „Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-sufficiency and Entrepreneurship“ (CUPESSE), funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 613257, where she was responsible for qualitative intergenerational interviews with young adults, there parents and grandparents in Austria. She also worked in the austrian projekt – JUSAW – Young and in search of labour in Vienna („Jung und auf der Suche nach Arbeit in Wien“), which is funded by the FFG and the BMASK. She has been responsible for the analyses of qualitative interviews with unemployed young Viennese. At Viennese job center she also pretested a motivation- and strategy video which will send to unemployed young adults.

    Before she had worked as a junior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS Wien) for two years (2014-2016) where she was a member oft he research group – STEPS – Science and Technoloy – later – TSST „Technology-Science & Sociatal Transformation“. She worked in an Austrian research project „Diffusion of technological innovations in Austria from a micro- and macro perspective“ („Diffusion von Energieinnovationen in Österreich aus Mikro und Makroperspektive“ (EnInnovAT), Klimafonds/FFG, 2014-2015 where she was responsible for qualitative interviews. She also worked in an European Commission project „Monitoring the evolution and benefits of Responsible Research and Innovation“ (MoRRI), European commission, 2014-2017 where she was responsible for the connection, communication and information transfer between the projekt partners.

    In 2015 she was a member of a voluntary research group with the topic – integration of refugees in a small town in Austria – where she interviewed residents and conducted and moderated a goup conversation (qualitative method of focus group) of volunteers. Therefore she attained knowledge about migration- and integration theory and collected practical experience in focus groups.





    Her research interests are revolving around sociology of labour, organizations, science communication and science participation as well as technolgical and enviromental innovations and the inpact on societal changes (especially for the labour market and science communicational innovations).



    Tamara Brandstätter; Grießler, Erich; Pöchhacker, Nikolaus (2015): Poster Presantation at the STS-Graz Conference 2015 “CRITICAL ISSUES IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLGY AND SOCIETY STUDIES” "Diffusion of e-bikes in Austria", 11.-12. May 2015. 

    She is currently working in the following projects:

    Auxilium:at - Analyse von Beteiligungsformen der österreichischen Bevölkerung bei der Bewältigung intensiver Flüchlingsbewegungen - FFG 2016-2018

    NewHoRRIzon - Excellence in Science and Innovation for Europe by adopting the concept or Responsible Research and Innovation - Horizon2020/European Commission 2016-2021

    Former projects

    CUPESSE - Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneuship, European Commission FP7 2014-2018

    Finished projects

    Diffusion von Energieinnovationen in Österreich aus Mikro und Makroperspektive (EnInnovAT), Klimafonds/FFG, 2014-2015

    MORRI - Monitoring the evolution and benefits of Responible Research and Innovation, fundet by the european commision, which monitor selected eu projects dealing also with dimension of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and liaise them.