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  • Matthias Allinger, BA

    • Techno-Science and Societal Transformation
    +43 1 59991 149
  • Responsible Research and Innovation

    Critical Automobility Studies


  • Bild Matthias Allinger
  • Matthias Allinger is a research assistant in the Techno-Science and Societal Transformation research group at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). He is part of the H2020-funded research project NewHoRRIzon, engaged in the Critical Automobility Studies Lab and experienced in qualitative as well as participatory research methods.

    Matthias is studying Political Science at the University of Vienna with a focus on Political Theory, Gender, and Critical Theory related to questions regarding democracy, racism, ideologies, emotions, and neoliberalism.

  • Akca Prill, Melek; Lindner, Ralf; Allinger, Matthias; Bernstein, Michael J.; Bratan, Tanja; Braun, Robert; Gianni, Robert; Goos, Kerstin; Ikonen, Veikko; Schrammel, Maria; Nieminen, Mika; Seebacher, Lisa Marie; Tumbrägel, Tessa; Tyynelä, Janika and Wunderle, Ulrike (2018) New HoRRIzon Deliverable 4.1. Diagnosis: RRI in Societal Challenges. [Research Report] 256 p.













    Current Projects




    Funded by Horizon 2020, duration 2017-2021

    Research on the program line “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”