The Future of Transatlantic Relations

This keynote lecture is part of the Peter Jankowitsch-Lecture Series and organized by the Austrian Institute for International Affairs

It has become fashionable to attribute the responsibility of the growing transatlantic rift to President Trump and his unpredictability. This view is shortsighted, incomplete and omits the elements of continuity of Trump’s foreign policy with that of his predecessors, as well as the degree to which his nationalist slogan “America First” is more deeply rooted in U.S. society than what we would like to think. The lecture aims at looking beyond Trump and taking a longer-term view on the evolution of the U.S. global leadership. Does the United States and Europe share the same understanding of the international environment, priorities and threats? Should Europeans seek more or less cooperation with the United States? How will the future of U.S. engagement with and in Europe look like? Does France and/or Germany have a special role to play? Will China undermine or strengthen transatlantic solidarity?

Dr. Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer
Senior Fellow, Director of the Think Tank German Marshall Plan Fund of the United States’ Paris Office, Associate Professor at Sciences Po Paris

Dr. Caspar Einem
President oiip

In cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). 

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