Workshop: Harmonized asylum policies in the European Union?

The role of bureaucrats in the implementation of the Common European Asylum System

Presentation by Radu-Mihai Triculescu

The Common European Asylum System (CEAS) has strived to provide a uniform set of guidelines aimed at harmonizing the implementation of asylum procedures across the European Union. My project will trace the instruments that make up the CEAS across different levels of governance, and track if and how differences emerge in the way countries absorb European Directives, Regulations, and other instruments, ultimately yielding different procedures of bureaucratic implementation. Essentially, the aim of this investigation is to understand how bureaucrats implement the Common European Asylum System in different Member States, and how can any differences in implementation be explained. Through a case study comparison, an understanding of how country-specific contexts affect the establishment of a comprehensive and harmonized asylum policy in the European Union will emerge. To observe these differences, much of the focus will be placed on the discretionary space available to bureaucrats involved in making asylum decisions.

Radu-Mihai Triculescu is doing his PhD at the University of Twente. As a member of the PLATO PhD Researcher network, he is currently a guest researcher at IHS.

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