Interdisciplinary Technology Assessment: New Applications of DNA-Analysis

On 24 November 2020, Alexander Lang and other project members presented the results of the published study “New applications of DNA-Analysis – Interdisciplinary Technology Assessment” to media representatives in an online press conference.

The IHS research unit Techno-Science & Societal Transformation conducted the project “New applications of DNA-Analysis – Interdisciplinary Technology Assessment” funded by the Foundation for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS from March 2019 to June of 2020. Under the lead of Erich Griessler and coordinated by Alexander Lang, IHS, Open Science and the University of Lucerne together undertook comprehensive research into opportunities and risks associated with different applications of DNA-analysis. The study looks at social and legal aspects of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic ancestry testing, lifestyle DTC genetic testing and DNA-Phenotyping. Additionally, the study investigated how these new applications of DNA-analysis can be embedded in a legal framework.

Now, the vdf Hochschulverlag at the ETH Zürich published this study as a book and a free e-book.


The ebook can be found in the IHS’ institutional repository IRIHS.

More information on the project and the final report as well as a brochure and recommendations issued by TA-SWISS are available on their website.

The hardcover and ebook are available on the publisher's website.


Alexander Lang (Project Coordination)