STS Conference Graz 2019

The 18th Annual STS Conference - Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies convenes in Graz from May 6th-7th. Several IHS members will take part in the conference. 

The program consists of six thematic streams: 

  • Digitalization of Society
  • Sustainable and Innovative Public Procurement & Ecodesign 
  • Towards Low-Carbon Energy and Mobility Systems
  • Gender - Technology - Environment
  • Teaching STS
  • Life Sciences - Biotechnology
  • Science and Society Relationships revisited

Alexander Lang will chair a session on the question wether genome editing poses a revolution, or just another incremental step in the life sciences. 

Angela Wroblewski will chair a session on food, water, energy nexus and sustainable urban governance as well as a session on structural change in gender relations. 

Dagmar Rychnovská will chair a session on governing life sciences in the age of globalization. Anna Durnová contributes to this session with a presentation that  addresses the role of resilience in the homebirth controversy

Magdalena Wicher will give a presentation on the institutionalization of RRI in research technology organizations. In the same session Tamara Brandstätter presents a joint paper she produced together with Erich Griessler on structural challenges and potential openings for RRI in basic research (funding).