Statement on the Policy Brief "Energy Crisis - What to do?

In a Policy Brief, IHS experts have dealt with behavioural economic measures to cope with the energy crisis.

Specifically, the IHS Policy Brief assumes in its scenario the threat of an emergency situation due to a stop in gas supplies from Russia and then outlines how to react if this emergency occurs.

In addition to ideas for increasing the competence and motivation of the population to save energy, renovate and expand renewable energy, the brief describes how large-scale infrastructure projects could be made possible in a short time. Among other things, it discusses how material or personnel could be quickly generated or mobilised to cope with the crisis. The Austrian Armed Forces stand here as one example among others.

The authors appreciate the performance of the Austrian Armed Forces, their staff and representatives, especially in crises and times of greatest threat.
We maintain that in times of crisis it is essential to discuss all possibilities for overcoming the crisis and see it as the duty of research to point out these possibilities and to contribute scientific foundations for constructive, open-ended debates.

The entire policy brief is available for download here.