RTI-Policy: The Relationship Between Science and Society

The IHS research group Science, Technology and Social Transformation is part of a fteval working group that centers on the impact of Austrian Research and Innovation policies on the relation between science and society.

The group is led by the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and recently published an article, summarized the findings made so far. IHS researchers Magdalena Wicher and Erich Griessler explain the purpose and goal of the working group: "Collaborating over four months with different people from Austrian research performing as well as research funding organisations on the backgrounds and implementation of national Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) policies strengthened the aim of our own research: it is crucial to align science with the needs of society. Therefore, we need an in-depth understanding of the impact of RTI policies on the relationship between science and society and the important role participation and involvement of stakeholders play in all stages of policy making and research."