Paneuropean Hackathon COVID-19

IHS researchers participated in the biggester ever online Hackathon in the EU to solve challenges presented by the current COVID situation. The event took place from April 24-26 and was organized by the European Commission; challenges that were tackled ranged from Health issues to Social Cohesion problems. The IHS team consisted of members of the research group Techno-Science and Societal Transformation, who worked together with researchers, designer and social entrepreneurs from Sweden, Austria and Greece. They came up with an idea for a web-based application creating a searchable database of best practices used by public transport operators to rebuild trust in public transit systems. On the 'Safe Mobility Solutions' website, users would also be offered a chance to send feedback and come up with suggestions to select and apply the best trust building solutions across the EU. A mock-up and a design were created, together with a detailed concept and business plan - all presented in a 2 min pitch video. The Open Innovation team of the Austrian Railways, ÖBB already supports the development of the idea! You can watch the pitch online.  
ITeam members from IHS  team members were: Johannes Starkbaum, Anna Gerhardus, Matthias Allinger, Shauna Stack and Robert Braun.