Journal of Knowledge Economy

Robert Braun and Johannes Starkbaum of the TSST research group have been selected as editors of the Journal of Knowledge Economy (Springer) topical focus on Quadruple Helix Innovation (QHI).

Themes in this topical stream for the journal include, among others, the critical assessment of mission orientation, potential benefits, impacts and effects of Quadruple Helix innovation, power hierarchies and the role of power in Quadruple Helix collaborations and civil society engagement barriers and obstacles. Quadruple Helix Innovation, a mode of knowledge production to include and engage civil society and its organizations in a formal process of innovation, is heralded by the European Commission in its new research funding framework Horizon Europe. The topical selection on Quadruple Helix Innovation will run continuously as a theme in the journal in the future.

Topics for the topical stream:

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