International Women's Day 2022: A Reason to Celebrate?

"The situation of women has improved significantly in many areas in recent years, which can also be seen as a success of women's and equality policy measures. Therefore, the need for women's advancement is repeatedly questioned, since gender inequalities seem to be increasingly reduced and women have all opportunities open to them," argues the introduction to the anthology "Zeitgemäße Gleichstellungspolitik an der Schnittstelle zwischen Politik, Theorie und Praxis" (Contemporary Gender Equality Policy at the Intersection of Policy, Theory and Practice). However, this reasoning, the argument presented in the book goes on, overlooks the fact that in the wake of these successes new inequalities are emerging and that in some areas there is still a need for the advancement of women.

The editor of the anthology is Angela Wroblewski, spokesperson for gender equality at the IHS, who presented the volume together with other authors. (here's the event review) and coordinates the Gender and Diversity Platform at the IHS. The platform links researchers who work on gender and diversity issues at IHS and thus continuously contribute to gender equality debates.

As an institute, IHS is committed to a fundamentally non-discriminatory organisational culture and an active equal treatment and equality policy, taking into account relevant diversity characteristics according to the Equal Treatment Act. Since February, Melanie Gadringer and Petra Hirzer have been appointed as Equal Opportunities Officers at the Institute. Click here for the current Equality Plan of the IHS.